Pipe Band The Islanders

Before our band became a bagpipeband, it was first a music union which has been devided into two different bands. A Brassband and a bagpipeband. The existence of the original music union ended in 1989.

First there was looked for people who would like to play the bagpipe. With a group of 9 people there was started with bagpipe lessons. These lessons were a success. Therefore the original drum players of the music union successfully were asked to join the bagpipers.

This officialy resulted in 1990 into the kickoff of our bagpipeband. After rehearsing a winter, the bagpipeband decided to buy their own music instruments and clothing with financial help of the local population. This all resulted into our first appearance for the opening of a local supermarket. The number of members has meanwile rised up to 25.

The bagpipeband has about 20 appearances a year


We regularly appear on Ameland and the Dutch mainland and abroud (France,Belgium,Germany and Sweden).



 Our tartan is "Drummond of Perth"